About the Meerkat Media Collective

We are an arts collective and co-operatively run production company, committed to making artful and thought-provoking films through a non-hierarchical collaborative process.  We produce both independent and commissioned work, ranging from documentary features and music videos, to web videos for publishers, universities, news magazines and non-profits. In all our work, we emphasize narrative storytelling, visual craft, and a dedication to the highest production value.

Inspired by the communal nature of  meerkats, we value shared authorship and consensus process in our day-to-day operations as well as in our artistic endeavors. Under a cooperative model, our members give creative and administrative time to the collective in exchange for material and non-material support.  We share skills, equipment and ideas with a firm belief that a healthy, inclusive process is as important as crafting quality work.

We cherish diverse opinions and backgrounds in the running of the collective and through our projects.  Our interdisciplinary ranks include filmmakers, musicians, teachers, writers, still photographers, animators, production designers, drama therapists, and puppeteers.

Meerkats are dedicated not only to our internal community but to the community around us, striving to provide a working model of collective creativity that inspires, encourages, and motivates others to tell their own stories.

Clients & Collaborators

TIME |  Penguin Books |  Rockefeller  |  Random House   |   NYC Dept of Health   |  Tenement Museum  |  The Atlantic   |  Make The Road New York   |   Participatory Budgeting Project   |  University Settlement   |  The Door  |  Timebanks NYC   |   Public Policy Lab   |  Travelocity   |  EmcArts  |  City Lore  |  Eastern European Folklife Center  |  International Contemporary Ensemble  |  Grow NYC  |  Federation Co-op Credit Union  |  Mayors Against Gun Violence  |  NY Times

- selected samples -

A landmark building. A groundbreaking museum.

Tenement Museum
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

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